Sed Sports Baseball is a baseball organization that is focused on excellence and character on and off the field.  Sed Sports Baseball works tirelessly to help players reach their potential as both people and players by providing professional baseball instruction and using the game of baseball to teach life to our players.  Our coaches and instructors have over 20 years of professional baseball experience, as well as another 10 years of college baseball experience. We love the game of baseball and our approach is consistent: work hard, stay positive, and have fun.

Six years ago, Shawn Sedlacek began to coach players in the Kansas City area with the goal of giving back to the game that played such a huge role in his life. Today, his goal of giving back to the game continues as he has teamed up with Matt Williams and Todd Sears to expand Sed Sports Baseball to offer pitching, hitting, catching and fielding instruction to players.

Currently, Sed Sports instructors provide lessons to players ranging from youth to college age.  For players who are playing anywhere from 8U all the way to Junior Varsity at their high school, Sed Sports instructors work to prepare players for Varsity baseball.  Then, for the players who end up with the ability and desire to play college baseball, Sed Sports instructors work tirelessly to help the players through the entire recruiting process.  Sed Sports instructors also work with players who are being scouted by professional baseball, including Shawn serving as an assistant coach with the Royals Elite Scout Team.

Ultimately, Sed Sports is about helping young baseball players pursue excellence and character through baseball – the game we love passionately.  Playing sports in general, but especially baseball, plays a huge role in the development of young men because of its ability to teach life lessons.  It is our goal at Sed Sports to help players reach the end of their abilities as players, whether that is 8U summer ball or Major League Baseball, and enjoy the journey along the way.

If you are interested in being a part of Sed Sports, please join our email list.  We use our email list to communicate our occasional newsletters and upcoming events (i.e. camps, clinics, tryouts).

At the top of the page you can find links to more information on all the various services we provide.  If you have any questions, please email us at Info@sedsports.com.

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